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KaratGold Proves Its Business Model By Providing Official Documents…Published August 17, 2019

There has been a lot of renewed enthusiasm in the cryptocurrency market thanks mainly to Bitcoin’s strong move about 10,000. Although Bitcoin continues to show its dominance, the altcoin market has yet to benefit from that rally. A few of the largest altcoins remain popular but the rest of the market continues to lag behind. In 2018, there was a lot of talk regarding a possible altcoin apocalypse where only the strong would survive. That prediction appears to be playing out as expected. Going forward, only the best projects that have a real world need will survive. Crypto traders will have to spend a lot of their time doing proper research in order to find the best opportunities, just like in all financial markets. One promising project that appears to have the makings of a future winner is KaratGold Coin.

KaratGold Coin is a cryptocurrency developed by the reputable German company Karatbars International, which maintains a leading position in the market of small gold items and investments. The project is part of a larger ecosystem, which involves several blockchain solutions that can be used for transactions, communication, investing and other tasks. During the past few weeks, however, the KaratGold ecosystem has been a target of unsavory scam allegations.

Karatbars International and GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG are now looking to prove the seriousness and honesty of their business model. The executives of both enterprises provided us with authentic documents, which confirm that the estimated resource deposits of the KaratGold held gold mine “Fort Dauphin” include several tons of precious metals and minerals, such as gold, silver and uranium.

According to received documents, Fort Dauphin is located in the South East city of Madagascar Tolagnaro, while the documents confirm that TSARAVITANA mining co., which is the current holder of the required operation licences for the area, grants the German company GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG, and the Singapore-based KARAT GOLD corporation PTE. LTD full access to the mine and its surrounding area. This process was achieved in collaboration with Madagascar-based company TSARAVITANA mining co., which acts as a government-approved licensee for the area of the mine.

The document linked above further proofs that the area of Fort Dauphin holds even more precious resources than originally assumed during the ICO phase.

Aside from that, both companies are further securing their market leading position by launching several other projects in the blockchain space. For instance, KaratGold introduced the world’s first voice-over-blockchain smartphone IMpulse K1, the blockchain-powered payment solution K-Merchant, the hybrid cryptocurrency and exchange platform KaratBit, as well as several other blockchain solutions linked to gold.

Moreover, the plagiarism allegations against KaratCoin Bank Coin (KCB) and KaratGold Coin (KBC) continue to dissolve. Further documents provided by the management include a signed letter of the district attorney’s office of Stuttgart, which states that the investigations against a former collaborator are ongoing.

Karatbars Chairman of the Board Josip Heit and CEO Harald Seiz validated that the company stays on track with its upcoming plans for the company’s ecosystem. A quick look into reputable media outlets shows that this is not an individual opinion, since blockchain specialists from the prominent business magazine Forbes recently mentioned KaratGold Coin to be among the most interesting blockchain companies to watch in 2019.

It’s really a shame when promising projects get dragged down by unnecessary FUD. Unfortunately, this happens a lot in cryptocurrency through various publishing and social media platforms. This only further scores the importance of doing one’s own due diligence before making any trading decisions. Fortunately, KaratGold continues to prove its business by meeting all its goals and providing the necessary information when questioned. With blockchain and distributed ledger technology reaching mainstream interest, I am keeping a close eye on KaratGold’s next moves.

Right now at this time in space we are presented with an opportunity that may come once in a lifetime. There is a law on the books that protect congressmen from “Insider trading rules.” Primarily because that are allowed to hear information that we the public aren’t privy to.

You, however, as Karatbars affiliates are privy to information that those outside of Karatbars either don’t have access to or don’t want to listen to.

We know through promises (which were kept by our CEO) that we who exchanged our fiat currency for gold and then to KBC that we could exchange 100 of those KBC for a gram of gold.

When many of us started the exchange the price of the KBC coins was between $0.005 and $0.01 cents. The KCB has been fixed at $0.14 cents. On the exchanges the price has ranged from less than a penny to as high as $0.14 cents. Currently KBC is trading around $0.03 cents.

Now I’m sure you have heard the phrase “buy low, sell high.” Most people buy high and sell low. Why? Because they are afraid to miss out on a good deal when the price is at its high and are afraid of losing when the price is low. We should be buying when the price is low. Or buy as the price is falling and sell as the price is rising. KBC is at a low. We should be buying.

Now for the insider information. If we can trade for KBC at $0.03 cents or $0.14 cents and we know that 100 coins are worth one gram of gold when exchanged. Doesn’t that make the true value of the coins at $0.45 cents in gold, even though we must store it and can only take physical delivery of 1gram a day?

What is the math. Today 8/9/2019 gold closed at $1497.50. There are 31.2 grams of gold in a troy ounce. Divide $1497.50 by 31.2 equals $47.99 gold value equals 100 KBC. One KBC is worth 47 cents in gold. Why on earth would you sell them on the market for three cents? Why are we complaining about the price? Instead, we should be taking advantage of the opportunity?

The value of your KBC and KCB is not what the market makers will give you for your coins. The true value is what they are worth in gold.

What can I do with my coins?

I, like many of you, have acquired quit a few coins. Whether they were acquired from direct exchange, bonuses given by Karatbars or bonuses for referring other to Karatbars product or trading on the exchanges, they all have value.

What can I do with them?

Advice. Get plugged in and stay plugged in. How? Webinars, recordings, live events, Latest News on front page and in your own back office.

Now let’s talk about the process and the coins.

Quick point I want to make before we proceed. Every step has its own opportunities and restrictions. Learn them. I will attempt to point them out as we go.

Process – How did we acquire our coins? We logged into Karatbars and exchanged our fiat currency for cashgold. Then we had the option of storing the cashgold on Karatbars or moving them to Karatpay. This action digitizes the cashgold into Univals. You can move the gold back and forth between Karatbars and Karatpay at will and at no cost.

The opportunity allows us to transmit the gold anywhere instantaneously from wallet to wallet at no cost. Meaning we can buy something with it if we can find someone to except it as a means of exchange (K-Merchant program). Including Karatbars as you all know. Example. Exchange univals for profit packages or K-1 impulse phones.

Another option is to deposit the univals into the Karatbit exchange. In the beginning this was a simple process. Deposit univals and exchange them for USD, or KBC. This process had to be changed in order to eliminate the appearance of price manipulation.

Once the univals are in Karabit you can trade them for BTC, ETH, KBC or USD. CAUTION: Know the prices before trading. Or you can exchange the univals (UNV) for KCB at a rate of 53.375 KBC per UNV. Expensive way to go!

Once the UNV is exchanged to KCB you have two options. Leave them on Karatbit until the Hardfork or withdraw them to another wallet. Oh did I say withdraw KCB? Yes I did. So if you can find someone to buy them, you can do whatever you wish with the proceeds. (One way you can get your money)

What else can I do with my univals? If you trade them for other coins, you can trade them against each other in the Market. If you trade them for BTC, you can use the BTC to buy Karatbars products such as cashgold, Profit Packages, and phones. You can also transfer the coins to any of the 13 different exchanges where KBC is traded.

Another option is to exchange them for USD. You can do that yourself or have The Karat Group do that for you. If you have the Gold KYC completed and linked to your bank account, you can have the money wire transferred to your account. (This option was temporarily disabled last time I looked)

What can I do with my KBC? Hodl them until the Hardfork. OR. Exchange 100 KBC for 10 BUNV (1GRAM). I know many of you have done so. The misunderstanding that we can only exchange 100 KBC is false. You can exchange all that you have given you have enough KBC to pay the fees. I would discourage exchanging all of your KBC.

What do we do with the BUNV?

1) Leave them where they sit.

2) Move them to the Vault. Store them and receive the annual bonuses.

3) If you have the Platinum KYC approved, withdraw them at a CEM or at Karatbars corporate office. Procedures are outlined in Latest News.

Now I have some questions. (Don’t answer)

What are your financial goals? Short term? Long term?

What is your Why?

Why do I need to cash in?

One of our slogans is “Karatbars is the solution for “X”. X=Why.

Since July the 4th I’ve heard almost every excuse as to why I need MY MONEY NOW! True or not. Doesn’t matter.

One of my affiliates in on Hospice with terminal cancer. She believed in Karatbars. Believes in Karatbars. She just wanted to see some fruits from her trust in Karatbars before her departure. We bought some of her coins at a reasonable rate and I had the pleasure to hand her the cash. She was so happy. She then told me to leave the rest as her legacy for her children.

We are a family. If your need is great enough, we can find a way. Have faith in the system. Why? Because it is the best one out there,

My mother pasted away one year ago. The financial advisors who were the trustee of the trust refused to serve. It has taken a year to settle . Out of the 14 investments they had her in, NOT ONE had capitol gains. All losses. (forgive me). Yesterday he called and noticed that I had not done anything with the cash and offered me an instrument that would pay me 3% if I left it in for a year, I told him my gold paid a better bonus than that. He proceeded to inform me that gold doesn’t pay interest or dividends. I ask you Where would you put your money?

Sorry for the book.

Now to specifically address your questions and comments.

Why can we only exchange 1 gram for 100 KBC? Mr Seiz addressed this openly in Las Vegas. He told us 400 million coins were stolen and he asked to please allow him the opportunity to recover those coins. Mr Seiz has done so much for us. Why can’t we be patient and do one thing for him.

My belief is if we can wait to the Hard fork this issue will resolve itself and the moratorium will be lifted. More importantly if we wait to exchange our KBC to BUNV until Jan 1, Mr Seiz promised us an exchange rate of 75 to one. The wait will be rewarded. God bless you all.

If you really need money then share Karatbars with others and use the commissions. We will all be rewarded. Follow the system!

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