There is a rule regarding the exchange from 100 KBC to 1 gram Gold.

1.) For affiliates who joined KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL before the 4th July 2019 (the gold independence day) everything stays the same and nothing changes. You can exchange your gold as usual.
2.) Affiliates who joined KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL after the 4th July 2019 (from 5th July 2019 onwards) and generate their QR codes from 1st November 2019 onwards need to have the Gold Status (Business Package) in Karatbars to exchange their 100 KBC into 1 gram gold.

NOTE:  Karatbars charges “Production Cost” of 0.96 euros in KBC coins for each 0.1 Gram Unival CEM withdrawal. 

It would take ($1700 / $45) 38 days to withdraw a gram a day and then sell for $45 to recover the Gold Package cost.

To give all affiliates a better chance to get the Gold Status faster we decided to add a new opportunity in the Fast Track. Every affiliate who starts at Bronze or Silver Status and direct sells 5 Packages with Gold Status or higher will achieve Gold Status. The existing Terms and Conditions for Fast Track are still valid.  This new rule is valid from 1st November 2019.

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