This service is for anyone who is not familiar with how to transfer their KBC to an exchange with a good KBC/BTC pairing, properly set the sell orders to exchange your KBC into Bitcoin, then transfer your Bitcoin to your own e-wallet where it can be exchanged into cash and then withdrawn. This is for those who do not have the time, knowledge or interest to learn all the steps to manage their KBC sell process. 

We are often able to sell your KBC for net zero fees…in fact with proper trading and being patient we can often realize more for your KBC than most can by selling it themselves.

This is for you if you want


Sell Your KBC the Right Way to Get the Best Price.  Sell today for this KBC SELL PRICE

Karatbars is all about helping you acquire and hold gold, however if wishing to SELL your KBC and exchange it for cash (Fiat), call (707) 702-2501 or email  (Cost is approximately 5%, however with experienced trading techniques we can usually recover part, all and even more than the 5%).  You will need your own e-wallet that allows you to hold your funds or attach your bank or Paypal account in order to withdraw your funds.

  1. First, contact us to discuss your sale and the process;

  2. Then, withdraw your KBC by sending them to The Karat Group exchange address below:


Once your KBC are sold, the funds will be deposited to your e-wallet of choice.  Here are the two e-wallet options (you will require one of these to accept your funds):