This service is for anyone who is not familiar with how to exchange their KBC into Cashgold at any CEM or does not have a CEM in their area…yet, and may not be able to locate a gold dealer willing to purchase their withdrawn Cashgold from them.  We can do all that for you.  The cost is 10% of the withdrawn cashgold.  

This is for you if you want


Sell Your KBC the Right Way to Get the Best Price.

Karatbars is all about helping you acquire and hold gold, however if wishing to SELL your KBC and exchange it for cash (Fiat), call (707) 702-2501 or email

  1. First, contact us to discuss your sale and the process.

Once your KBC into Cashgold and then into Cash is complete, the funds will be sent in Bitcoin to your e-wallet of choice.  Here are two e-wallet options, but you may have your own preferences.